"Bye Bra lifts the breast without a surgery or a scalpel - a great solution! I love those 3M tapes. Very comfortable!"

Stick On Bra

Welcome! You can find via this stick on bra link all the stick on bra’s we offer.

Stick On Bra – your strapless solution.

The stick on bra is the strapless solution for Cup A – F. If you are looking for a stick on bra, we recommend you to check our website. This website provides a very special stick on bra. Are you tired of silicone bra’s or those wing tapes which don’t stay put? Try the Stick on Bra of Bye Bra. This Stick on Bra is a medical tape from 3M and is specially designed to support the breasts all night long! This strapless solution we have as well as private label as well branded. The leading bra tape in the world is Bye Bra. On our website you can click on ‘Instructions’ and find the instruction movie of this strapless solution.

Stick on Bra – what is it exactly?

stick on bra

A stick on Bra is a tape which has the option to lift the breasts. To lift the breasts from the top you need to remove the upper part of the stick on bra.
The first step: remove the bottom of the stick on bra. Do it gently and make sure that the left and the right side of the tape do not touch each other as it would make the tape useless. Use both hands to remove the protective foil.

stick on bra

The second step is: Apply the stick on Bra to the top of the breasts above the nipple. Now the situation looks like this:

stick on bras

Now it is getting exciting! Remove the upper part of the stick on bra. Again, do it slowly and make sure that the tape does not touch the other side of the tape. You can only apply the product once.

stick bra

So here we go! Pull the stick on bra up. And re-attach the stick on bra to the breast. A small wrinkle can be seen – that is the lift you create.

Plunge bra

Now smoothen the stick on bra and press gently. You will see that your breast is 6 centimeters higher than the other breast. All you now need to do is apply the nipple covers (on the picture it is already done to be ‘search engine friendly’) and now you can enjoy the strapless solution of the stick on bra. You can dance, flirt, travel and swim with this strapless solution. Don’t get tricked into buying copycats – they can harm your skin.

stick bras

Once you would like to remove the stick on bra, just gently take the tape off. Don’t tear it as it has to be removed gently. We recommend to read the instructions before you use them. On our website we provide several cups: A-C, D-F and a stick on bra with cup size F+. We ship the next working day. Feel free to also check out the other products we have. Bra clips, bra straps and even the Brallet!