"Bye Bra lifts the breast without a surgery or a scalpel - a great solution! I love those 3M tapes. Very comfortable!"

3M- high quality adhesive breast lifts

Quality adhesive breast lifts | Our adhesive instant breast lifts are a made in the Netherlands, and are fabricated by the largest tape manufacturer in the world—3M. We disassociate ourselves from Chinese copycat products that can show a negative effect on the skin. Breast lifts from adhesivebreastlifts.co.uk are not just simply strips of tape, but include a transparent, waterproof, hypo-allergenic adhesive unlike any breast-lift device ever seen before.

We are able to provide this quality due to our cooperation with ByeBra.com. Due to its links with 3M, Bye Bra is sold in many countries, and as a result of these volumes, Bye Bra.com is able to provide breast lifts at an affordable price. We are very proud to be able to deliver you this outstanding quality. We believe there is a lot of import which we would not apply to our own breasts, which was one of the reasons we launched this website.

All of the above means that we are proud to call ourselves experts in quality adhesive breast lifts. If you have any question about the material, about its quality, or if you need instructions (which can also be found on this Bye Bra video), feel free to give us a call, or send an e-mail via our contact form.