"Bye Bra lifts the breast without a surgery or a scalpel - a great solution! I love those 3M tapes. Very comfortable!"

Bye Bra Nude Silk Nipple covers – 4 pairs


Bye Bra Silk Nipple covers

The silk nipple covers prevent your nipples from being seen through a dress, t-shirt, sporting clothes or a swimsuit. Make sure you always have some on hand! The silk nipple covers are soft as silk and therefore ideal to prevent the nipples from being seen. The nipple covers are not just imported from China but made from a Henkel adhesive. This adhesive is tested by SGS which is the leading testing and verification organisation in th world. These nipple covers are exclusively produced for Bye Bra.

The silk nipple covers are very easy to apply and easy to remove. The middle of the silk nipple cover is not covered with glue so the nipple will touch the most soft part of the nipple cover. If you have any questions about the nipple cover products, feel free to contact us via our contact form. There are 8 pieces in a pack.