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Silicone nipple covers


Silicone nipple covers

These flower-shaped nipple covers are perfect for daily wear. They conceal nipple protrusion, and will protect your nipples whether or not you wear a bra. Nobody will know you are wearing them. The nipple covers are made of a soft material, and give the breasts a beautifully natural impression by minimising nipples that are too pronounced. They are perfect in combination with dresses, gala clothing, strapless outfits, T-shirts, and swimsuits…and so comfortable!

The adhesive silicone nipple covers are a good solution for masking visible nipples. The silicone nipple covers can be easily applied on to the breasts. There are 2 nipple covers in a pack. The nipple covers are invisible under a bikini, dress, T-shirt or evening dress.

You can choose on our website from either silicone nipple covers or silk nipple covers. Both work very well, but we recommend the silicone nipple covers if you have clothing that rubs. We also advise you to be sure to use silicone nipple covers if you have a transparent dress.

As an extra bonus, the nipple covers are free if you buy an adhesive breast lift.

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