"Bye Bra lifts the breast without a surgery or a scalpel - a great solution! I love those 3M tapes. Very comfortable!"

Bye Bra A-B-C, including free nude silicone nipple covers


Bye Bra, the best adhesive breast lift in Europe.

A top quality Dutch brand, Bye Bra was created in the year 2011. Within two years of its creation, this product has successfully been made available at over one hundred stores and boutiques throughout Europe. Now also available for breast lifts for larger breasts. Bye Bra provides its product with silk as well silicone nipple covers.

The Bye Bra pack, with four pairs of instant adhesive breast lifts and a pair of silicone nipple covers, provides maximum comfort due to its unique adhesive lift power. It is fabricated by 3M. The Bye Bra is perfect for a gala dress or for strapless or backless clothing. Bye Bra is available in different sizes, so you are able to choose the size which fits you the best.

The Bye Bra is a simple solution to quickly and effectively enhance the female breast without the need for surgery or even a bra! Bye Bra is made of very thin and flexible self-adhesive foil, shaped like a horseshoe, with which it is possible to position the nipples upwards by several centimetres. It can also be used to make corrections— for instance, if a woman has two different breast shapes or sizes, or nipple heights. For the D-F cup there is a Bye Bra D+.

Bye Bra is unique, and of much better quality than most of the Chinese imported breast lifts. Don’t get tricked into buying those inferior products, as they could create scars and red marks. The Bye Bra product is tested by the company SGS on skin safety and classified as “harmless” in dermatologic tests. The Bye Bra video clearly explains how the product works.

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