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Gel Petals

The Gel Petals protect your nipples. The Bye Bra gel petals are the best silicone gel petals we can find. Most of our clients buy gel petals because of the fact they do not want to show their nipples under a (silk) dress. But don’t get tricked – we also have a lot of male customers who buy nipple covers for sport like running a marathon or off-road running. we advise, if you are sweating a lot (sport!) to buy the silk nipple covers.

Gel petals: how to use them?

Before you apply the gel petals, please clean your breast from hair, water, gel, oil or sweat. If you are sweating a lot, clean the silicone gel petal and apply them again. The silicone gel petals are very skin friendly. The silk version is a bit stronger but is also a bit less skin friendly if you have a very sensitive skin.

Gel petals are reusable!

Gel petals are reusable. The gel petals from Bye Bra need to be cleaned with water. After you cleaned the gel petals with water, you can use them again and again. The Gel petals are tested by the test institute SGS.

Gel petals – the differences (and dangers)!

The gel petals we use, are all tested and most of them are used by the leading adhesive breast lift brand Bye Bra. We know that a lot of companies import adhesive breast lifts and nipple covers. There are several factories in China who produce these nipple covers. If there is demand… why wouldn’t they? The thing is that there are quite some nipple covers which are very bad for the skin. The areola is one of the most sensitive parts of the skin and therefore the adhesive has to be skin friendly. You can’t just add any glue to the nipple covers – but in China they sometimes simply don’t care! We have seen several nipple covers which are not and you don’t want to know how it is to remove those nipple covers. The silk and silicone nipple covers are both tested by SGS. If you have a very sensitive skin, we advise you to go for the bigger gel petals. If you do not have a sensitive skin, we advise you to go for the silk gel petals – they are just a bit less visible.

Feel free to check out these gel petals:

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