"Bye Bra lifts the breast without a surgery or a scalpel - a great solution! I love those 3M tapes. Very comfortable!"

Instant Breast Lift tape | Adhesive instant breast lifts for you.

Instant Breast Lifts | This webshop provides high-quality instant breast lifts and other accessories like gel petals. We dissociate ourselves from “made in China” breast lifts but produce our products in cooperation with 3M. Check the video to find out how handy the breastlifts are! Our instant breast lift tape is tested by SGS and supported by statements from 3M.

We provide private label adhesive breast lifts and Bye Bra’s including gel petals. Bye Bra’s and its gel petals are top notch quality. Both are made from a medical adhesive from 3M. Don’t get tricked in buying cheap copycats if you care for your breasts and don’t want to end up with scars. An instant breast lift made from a 3M medical adhesive can’t be just two pound :). If you order before 14.00, we ship the products the same working day. Fast & Discreet.

If you have questions about the instant breast lifts (also called stick on bra) or the gel petals, feel free to contact us!

Instant breast lift tape